It happened!! Céline signed my Céline-mobile!

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe what would happen when I got in my car back home to start the 1150 mile roadtrip with my friends to go to Copenhagen and Stockholm to see Céline on her Europe Summer Tour. I've always had a hope, but I didn't really believe it. As many fans think, why me? 

As we in Copenhagen got to learn that Céline wouldn't do any meet & greets there, the hope for Stockholm vanished. When the concert was over in Copenhagen we got in the car the morning after, and drove to Stockholm with the thought that Stockholm can't be any less fun than Copenhagen, but still with no expectations for a meet & greet. As we arrived in Stockholm we were all exhausted and after dinner we went straight to bed. I was up almost before the sun on the day of the show. I went out for a walk to let the others sleep a bit longer. No specific plans were made for show day other than hanging by the arena and meet fan friends. While going for a walk I decided to tell the girls when going back to wake them up that today we would drive to the center of Stockholm, to Céline's hotel and she if we could see her when she was leaving for Tele2 Arena. My plan #1 was: signature on my car.

I got a great space for my car just in front of her hotel and put my banner saying 'Céline will you please sign my car' covering the front window on my car. It was visible from all the windows in front of the hotel. I'm sure Céline and her team would see it if they looked out. I think we'd been there for about an hour when my phone rang. I was like....who would call me now? I checked the number, it was unknown, but it said 'Stockholm' below the number. Immediately I understood who was calling, and was Céline's team!!! They had some awesome news for me, Céline was going to sign my car!!! I was like....'I'm outside her hotel now, do you want me to move the car by the entrance?' I was told it would not happen by the hotel, but at the arena. I was all tears, my dream was about to come true, to have my Céline-mobile signed by CÉLINE HERSELF!!! The feeling I had then and there is undescribable. They told me I was allowed to bring one friend. But.....I brought two friends in my car!!! I now had to make the hardest decicion I've ever can I choose one friend for another? It was impossible. Thankfully my friends understood. I told them that I'm just not able to pick, the only thing I knew is I had to drive to the arena NOW! I started walking towards my car and as I was about to get in, Kjersti came running towards me. She and Marit had made the decicion that Kjersti was the one as Marit told her she deserved it more. My heart wanted to bring them both, but we had to do as we were told by the management. 

After getting a bit lost on our way from the hotel to the arena, we finally arrived at Tele2 Arena. There we met with security and several people from the management. We got instructions and they checked my car, the security guys but also with dogs, checking my car for suspucious items, aka bombs. A huge burden went off my shoulders when I saw the dogs. I'm so grateful that they have high priority on security in the crazy world we live in. My car was clarified and we were ready to meet our idol, and we were told to drive my car inside the fences surrounding the artist entrance. We were told we would get 5 minutes. 

Nothing can describe the feeling of having your idol come towards you to meet YOU! Céline walked straight towards us and gave us a real 'teddybear' hug. She commented on my t-shirt that was special made for my trip, 'What a lovely shirt'. I turned around to show her the back, a drawing of René with angel wings, she was really touched and gave me another hug and I told her how much we too miss him and still love him. She then asked who's car it was, and I had to confess that it is mine.

Michel, her brother, started showing her around to show her the features on my car. First thing she reacted to was the 'Team Céline Dion Norway' text on the license plate. Her face and thumbs up said it all, she LOVED it! She then pulled up the front door to sit behind the wheel. She looked around inside and again you could see she was impressed. She wanted a photo of her behind the wheel and me beside her drawing me towards her with her left arm. She then jumped out and I gave her the teddybear that has been driving with me the past year, with a photo pf her and René on its tiny t-shirt. Then I gave her the paint pen I had brought specially to sign the hood of my car. It was all so surreal, Céline was hanging on the hood of my car to put her autograph on it. She then jumped in the other front seat to sign the dashboard. I got to tell her what a huge inspiration she is to me, but also to my 19 year old son who's also become a singer as he was raised with Céline on the speakers. I also got to tell her that I started my roadtrip with my son's final singing exam graduating 3 years of music school and how he made her and her song 'How Does a Moment Last Forever' part of his exam and that he got a straight A. She responded with 'Wow, that's the mommy'. Too bad I didn't tell her to give us a call if she needs another backup singer 😉


Then she signed the photo's that Kjersti had brought and we got to give her the gift we had made especially for her. She was so thrilled. 

Again she gave me a  nice good Céline hug and our time was over. I felt that time stood still when we met her. My head was pure vacum, in its very own bubble, was it all a dream? 

I've truly had the time of my life with my idol. I don't have words for how grateful I am. That she and her team went way out for me to make this happen. What can really top this?

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who shared my dream. I'm not sure if I would have made it without your support. I also want to send an enourmous THANK YOU to the management who made this happen.

To René, I spoke to you just after I got in my car back home to go on this trip, and I also told you that you were going with me on this trip to see Céline. Thank you so much for for listening to me and making sure everything worked out. 

Céline, I hope you know what an enourmous inspiration you are to so many people around the world. Your love, your dedication, your strenght, you are truly one UNIQUE lady and we love you to the moon and back! 

Thank you to Kjersti Palm Reitan for sharing this special moment with me. Also a special thank you to Ann-Helen Stenberg and Marit Cecilie Lie Haugen for making this trip to an amazing experience.

Last I want to thank my friends who went behind my back and started a GoFundMe account because they want me to decorate my Céline-mobile with customized license plates that now just is allowed in Norway. And to everyone contributing....thank you from the bottom of my HEART ❤

"If you follow your dreams, it means you follow your heart, and if you follow your heart I do not think you can go wrong" - Céline.

To the ones having a dream, follow it, work for it, cause one day it will happen. All it needs is persistence. I followed my dream, I never gave up, I made it! You can do it too!



Your fan forever ❤






One week ago I disconnected from the fan community, well...almost everyone, as I have been struggling psycologically and with anxiety after an incident in the online fan commuity. This week I have been able to take time to think, reflect on the fan community and everything that comes with it.

For over 28 years I have been a fan of Céline. It all started on April 30th 1988, the day she won the Eurovosion Song Contest in Dublin. "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" (Don`t leave without me) was the very first song I heard of her and her voice took me by storm. A few years later she released her very first English album "Unison". 

"We stick together we're never apart
Everybody knows who we are
Because we are one we do it in Unison
We come together and stronger we are
Just when the world can tear us apart
We go on as one we do it in Unison"

This is how I feel about our fan community, we have always sticked together. We meet new fans all the time, online or in person when we travel to see Céline. I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people, people whom I share the same passion, people that understand, people that know the feelings we have for our idol. Being such a dedicated fan is weird in many people`s eyes, as they have a hard time understanding why and what drives us in this passion.`s no different from being a football/soccer supporter, no different from being hooked on art or whatever, it`s all about passion, it`s simply a huge part of our`s all about who Céline is as a human being. Her positivity, her goodness, her loving behaviour towards everybody, her acceptance, her goofiness, the whole package that this woman is....and not to forget.....her MUSIC.

I choose to think that every fan of hers is the reflection of her, fans full of love, full of goodness, full of positivity, and of course the goofiness. I have experienced, through all these years, that unfortunately this is not the case. Like every other fan community (regardeless the artist) there is drama. There are discussions, quarells, disrespect, fights. Not only towards each other as fans, but also disrespect towards the artist. Don`t get me wrong on this, cause most fans are amazing and truly loving people, but there are fans that are disrespectful towards both their idol and fellow fans. Fans that are discontent, fans that critizise their idol, critizise fellow fans, it`s bad talk.....lot`s of bad talk. It`s jealousy, it`s unfaireness. There are fans that think they are better than others, and some are really good at showing it, and they WANT to show it. Like life in general there will always be people that are more fortunate than others, some live close to Céline`s venues, some don`t. Many fans haven`t even been able to see Céline live. 

There will always be unfaireness when it comes to being a fan, and that is something we need to accept....when it comes to situations we can not control, and by that I mean what the management is in charge of. What we CAN change is the things we, the fans, are in charge of. By that I mean meet & greets, fan projects, how we act as fans...simply how we appear. I haven`t always appeared the best way.....because by nature I have zero tolerance for unfaireness (what we can control), I have zero tolerance for bullshit and I have zero tolerance for disrespect towards our idol and towards fellow fans. Having these abilities have gotten me in trouble more than once. I have spoken up, protected both fan friends and Céline, simply because of disrespectful and unthoughtful behaviour. There has been some really rough times, but nothing I haven`t been able to handle. This last incident though was more than I could handle. I know I wasn`t very well thought of, for speaking up once again, but I always stand for what I say.

Being a huge fan of Céline I want to see the goodness in people, I want to be accepting, I want to be loving, but when people act unfair and egoistic I fall out.....and it always ends up in hitting back at you, in one way or another.

I HAVE A DREAM.....I have a dream that all fans unite, unite in love, in acceptance, that we all stand together....for our idol. I have a dream that every fan get the chance to one day see our idol live or even meet her in person, because as a dedicated fan there is no better feeling than standing face to face to the one you admire.

 If it wasn`t for our idol none of us would have met. Our idol is the one who unites us.....BECAUSE WE ARE ONE, WE DO IT IN UNISON <3


I hope to be back with you all one day, but of the time being I need a timeout, not from our idol and her music, but from the community.






......and I`m proud of it.

There comes a time.........

"There comes a time
In everybody's life
When alone is not enough
To make things right
There comes a time
When we need to ask for help
When you're lost and just not strong enough
To make it through the night
When your love is on the front line".


I've taken a huge decicion, as an active Facebook user, to go off Facebook. Being in the fan community for years I've decided to not be a part of it anymore. I will still be a huge fan, but in quiet circumstances.

There comes a time when you discover that things are better off without you, and that's where I'm at now. I don't pity myself, cause it always takes 2 to tango, but when you reach out a hand to try to make peace you get cut off, and when you discover people are afraid to acknowledge you because of the fear of what other people might say.....well.....then it's time to leave. 

I've had some amazing years with so many beautiful fans. We've shared moments that goes in the book as unforgettable moments. Trips to beautiful countries and cities. Amazing concerts so full of life and love. We've sung, we've danced. We've run around like crazy to get a small glimpse of our Queen. We've worked our butts of to have enough money to be able to experience all this. I hope you all continue to do so, cause the love that shines from our Queen is nothing but pure beauty. She is, and will always be, my #1 singer.


Till we meet again.......





Céline fans.....go ROCK Montréal!!!!!

It`s been awhile since I`ve posted on here, but I feel it`s about time. These days my thoughts are with my friendswho will be going to, or already are, in Montreal, in Céline`s home province Quebec. I was lucky to visit Montreal back in July 2013, and this city is special. As a huge fan it feels truly special being able to visit the place where your idol was born and raised. To visit everything Céline related, her childhood home in Charlemagne (sad it has been demolished), but they replaced it with a beautiful house holding the Fondation Maman Dion. The Montreal Notre-Dame Basilica where she got married, where RC was baptized and where Rene`s funeral was. Nickels....a restaurant Céline and René owned that had this awesome 5-layers chocoloate cake mmmm, Schwarts` HAVE to go there and try the smoked meat, it is delicious. Madame Tussaud`s, yes...both Céline and René are there :-) I was also lucky to go see her house at Ile Gagnon (thank you Lucie), I think I sat at the gate for like a couple of hours, but no Céline :-( We had hired a car while in Quebec, so we also went to visit the Le Mirage Golf Club at Terrebonne. You can say I did kind of a pilegrimage while there, a trip I would do anything to do all over again. The best thing about it all is that I got to meet Céline in person at the hotel Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, a meeting I have been longing and waiting for for over 20 years. A meeting I kind of had given up on as it felt impossible for a fan from Norway.....but it happened. Previous trips to see Céline I had such high hopes on getting to meet her, but each time I ended up getting dissapointed because it didn`t happen. Going on my trip to Quebec I decided just to enjoy, have fun, not expect anything and just take everything that would happen as a bonus :-) And boy was Montreal the lucky place for me. I really hope that I will be back one day, hopefully with many of my fan friends.

These days a lot of my friends are heading to Montreal for a series of Céline shows. Seeing the one after another arriving there makes my heart pop. I know you will have the time of your lives. Some will be there for the first time, and some have been there before, but I know you will all have a blast no matter what. I really really wish I could be there with you, but having family priorities doesn`t always make it work. I still want you to know that my heart and mind is with each and every one of you while you`re there. I will read/see your post with a heart-warmth, I`ll get to experence all over again the feeling I had while I was there 3 years ago. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that many of you will have your dreams come true while there. Don`t you ever loose hope that one day you will have her up close, maybe give her a hug, to thank her for being who she is, having a cèlfie and or an autograph, cause it is just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Even though I would love to be there with you all, but I`ve had my it`s your time :-) I`m wishing you a blast and experience beyond everything.

Go ROCK Montréal Céline fans!!!!!

I love you all <3




From Céline`s "Une Seule Fois" concert in Quebec City July 27th 2013.



Trois heures vingt....................

I`m sorry, but I`m still an emotional wreck after sitting stand-by my laptop for 4 hours last night to take part in Céline saying the final goodbye to the love of her life, to the man that introduced la voix du bon dieu to the fans worldwide. The last goodbye was all so sad but still so beautiful. From the door opened when Céline and her family entered followed by one of her early songs "Trois heures vingt"......"You want to take me far from here, everything is planned you set everything. Don`t worry I will come, since always, where you go I go. I will come, twenty past three <3

You just feel so helpless being so far away when all you want to do is reach out to her and give her a comforing hug. Being a fan means standing by your idol for better and for worse and Jan 22nd 2016 was, by far, the worst moment EVER. When your idol/rolemodel grieve, you grieve with her, and that`s what the fans have done this past week. We`ve been supporting Céline in our hearts and minds these days as we all have been psycologically present in montreal, Quebec. We`ve also been there for each other as fans, as some take this harder than others. This is what we do in times like this, we are there FOR each other, we do it in UNISON. Times like this is all about love, caring, supporting and last but not least....unselfishness. You get kind of lost for words in times like this. 

I just want to thank Céline, and of course René himself for letting the fans take part of this sad but beautiful ending of an amazing era. As always they are being nothing other than unselfish. If only every human being on this earth could have hearts like theirs....then the world would be like paradise.

I thought my admiration for Céline was huge, but after seeing her strength as she is dealing with the grief of her beloved husband, and the unselfishness she has during this terrible time, I admire her even more. There is just no word big enough to describe her, you got got to FEEL it <3

Now it`s time to hold on to the good memories, to bring René with us in our thoughts, through Céline and her songs. Today is A New Day <3

Céline.....please take good care of yourself now as you need the rest. We all can assure you that the fans will let you take as much time as you need to heal, but still.....we will be the first ones to greet you welcome whenever you are ready <3

I want to say a huge thank you to all the fans that were present at the wake on Thursday. For being there to tell Céline how much you care for her and also for speaking on behalf of all the fans worldwide that would have loved to be there, but for obvious reasons were not able to.


Rest in peace dear René Angelil. You will forever stay in our hearts, we love you, goodbye <3


We love you Céline, always <3




Till we meet again......Goodbye <3

Thursday Jan 14th.....a day like any other day. I`m off to work as usual....but this day I didn`t have a clean work shirt with my company`s logo, So I end up using my Céline Dion sweater, the one I made for my trip to Paris back in nov 2013.....this was the last time I `met` René outside their hotel in Paris. Even at that time he looked like something wasn`t quite right, I remember both my friends and I saying that when we saw him go from the car to the entrance. Only a month later he was diagnosed with cancer, for the second time. 

I always say....everything happens for a reason.....there was a reason for me not having a clean work shirt that day....there was a reason for why I chose to use my Celine sweater to work on exactly that day.....this was the day/night we got the devastating news that Mr.René Angélil lost his long and courgeous battle to cancer.

In memory of Mr.René Angélil.......THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in Céline. Thank you for seeing her enormous talent. Thank you for morgaging your house to fund Celine`s very first album. Thank you for being by her side through all these years, as you were inseparable. Thank you for being the enormous gentleman that you were. Thank you for taking the time for the fans when they met you in person. Thank you for gambling on Las Vegas. Thank you for your enormous warmth and your generosity. You were truly ONE OF A KIND, you will stay in our hearts FOREVER.

It is in times like this we really feel the emotions, that we get to feel it physically that we are huge fans, When your friends and colleagues meets you with condolances and warm hugs when you see them, because they have heard the sad news on Céline loosing the love of her life. Many people don`t understand why the fans mourn because a famous person die, or someone close to that celebrity. Well.....I`ll put this in to words:




When our idol loses the love of her life, the fans mourn WITH her. We give in return what she has given us throughout the years as fans. We`ll be a shoulder to cry on, we become HER rock, we help HER move on, we`ll push HER out of bed, we`ll simply be her friend. We cry WITH her. And now we simply give HER the time she needs to heal the wounds, because we love her.

And as not this is enough Cèline lost second loved one only 2 days after losing her husband, Daniel Dion also lost his long and courageous battle to cancer on Jan 16, the day that should have been René`s 74th birthday. how much can one person take in only 2 days? RIP Daniel.


My condolances, thoughts, love and prayers go to Céline and their sons RC, Nelson and Eddy, Rene`s adult children Patrick, Anne-Marie and Jean-Pierre, and the entire Dion/Angèlil family, the team, their friends and collaborates, but also to the millions of fans around the world who grief with the Dion/Angelil family. We do this in UNISON for Celine and her family, Because you loved me. 


Rest in peace, René.

You will always have a piece of our hearts <3






Céline signed the photo of my car!!!

I'm so happy right now!!!! A friend of mine brought a photo collage of my car to Las Vegas to try to have Céline sign it, and it happened!!!! This arrived in my mail yesterday and I went straight to the store to get a frame for it. It turned out fabulous. 

Celine also got a copy for her to keep, but with my text to her in the same space where Céline signed mine. Can fan-life get any better?.....besides meeting Céline though. 






Make it your OWN - my Céline-mobile.

I do feel I have to say something about my car, a car that I am very very proud of, that I drive with pride every single day..... my Céline-mobile/CellyD5.

This weekend I took it a little bit further by sowing headrest covers for the front seats. The idea crossed my mind after coing back from Las Vegas a month ago, to see Céline in concert. Some may say I`m a bit weird, that making my car Céline themed is pretty weird, but I love to share my passion and why not make your car your OWN?

A couple of years ago I had special made Céline decals to put on the hood. I made sun shadows for the back windows, several "Celine" decals front and back, a special made license plate in the back window and Céline related caps on each headrest in the back seat. I also have a special made decal on my dash, with an extrait from Céline`s song "Le Miracle". When you are such a dedicated there any limit to how far you can take it? In my eyes......NO. So I made these headrest covers. I had a VIP totebag with golden embroidered "Celine Dion" logo, and thought...why not make covers of that. Only problem was....I had only one totebag. After posting on facebook asking if anyone had a spare that they could let go a wonderful friend of mine in the US came to the rescue and sent me her spare. Thank you so much Lisa, I am forever grateful <3 

I also have a small frog in the front window to watch over me while driving, and the $5 chip I found on the floor at the Harrahs buffet in Las Vegas. My lucky #5. And in the bak seat I have Kermit the frog and his friend René.....I had to have two as no one should ever be alone <3 are some pictures of my blue CellyD5, a 2010 Citroën C3, my wifey car.....mine and only mine, and saying that.....while I was in Las Vegas my husband did take her for a ride to the store. As he parked on the parking lot by the grocery store some peope came up to him asking if he was driving his daughters car and if she is a big fan? Cause they really liked it and they like Celine as well. My husband reacted by smiling and saying it is his wife`s car. 

I must say I do get some weird sights every once in a while, but I just love it....because I`m proud of the way I made it my own, and I`m truly proud of being a fan of such an amazing singer and person Celine really is.

MY DREAM NOW is to have Céline sign a photo of my car, that would be the ultimate right now. Hopefully I`ll be able to make it happen one day. 


Some may say it`s too much, I say it`s PERFECT <3 Cause what really matters is how I feel about it....other people`s opinion is something I do hear/notice, but that I do let go.

We LOVE you Céline <3




Headrest covers that I made out of VIP totebags :-)

René & Kermit :-)

Las Vegas 2015....emotional in every way possible.

It`s been 5 days since I came back from my long awaited Las Vegas trip to once again see Celine Dion in concert, her opening show after being on hiatus for 1 year.

This was a concert the fans have been waiting for, but still having patience for as we know Celine & Rene`s current situation.


For me this was a trip full of excitement in every way. Finally I was going to see my idol perform, an artist I have admired for over 25 years. She is my inspiration and as I say, my long distance mentor, a woman full of love for everyone around her including her fans worldwide.

As many of you may know, my last trip to Las Vegas in 2011 ended really bad. After boarding the plane in Las Vegas on my way life changed. I almost collapsed and was rushed in an ambulance to Spring Valley hospital. After lots of medical tests, without any answers to what happened, another seizure turned out to be a panic/anxiety very first no one understood one bit when it showed up from nowhere. I struggled for 1-2 years afterwards, but now I`m fine.....until this trip was getting close.

The flight from Oslo to New York went totally fine, but the flight from NY to Las Vegas was a flight from hell. Full of anxiety, a burning feeling in my chest.....I was barely able to relax. My first night and the following day was also really bad...full of anxiety and worries. At one time I was sitting on the Strip crying my heart out...trying  to let it all sink in that I was finally back in Las Vegas. But it really helped being able to some emotions which made me feel a lot better. Life is really tough at times, but it often have to get worse before it gets better. From this on my Las Vegas experience was nothing but all positive.

Wednesday night was a huge relief as I got to meet the first of my Celine fan friends. Julia.....thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. You are nothing but sweet and meeting you again for the first time in 2 years really made my stay <3

The following days I met a lot of wonderful fan friends, some I met before, some I never met in person but have been friends with for years online. The feeling of meeting people who have the same passion is nothing but pure amusement. We had so much fun. There was so many friends I wanted to meet up with, but there was just not enough time....and that breaks my heart. Hopefully I will get the chance again one day in the future, cause I`m sure this was not my last Celine experience. 

Thursday Aug 27th.....Celine`s opening night. Never before have experienced a premiere....and what a premiere it was!!! My seat was amazing...closest to the stage on the left side. Celine looked amazing, she sounded amazing.....her song choices was perfect and so personal. As she said in an interview....years ago she only sang the songs with no special meaning, but now they had a totally different meaning to her.....thinking of Rene`s situation. You could tell by the way she performed that is was truly a special moment, really personal to her. Celine is truly unique, both as a person and as a performer. No one expresses feelings the way she does when she goes straight to the bottom of your heart. 

The same night I was lucky to meet Celine when she left the Colosseum, my friend Kjersti, her mom and I was the only ones waiting for her as he was about to leave. We all know Celine takes time for her fans, and this night was no exception. We got a picture with her, Kjersti got her signature (I have one already) and we got to tell her thank you for an amaxzing show, that we love her and tell her to say "hi" to Rene from her fans....and then she was off. It was truly a special moment.....for a fan every moment with Celine is special. One thing I regret for not doing, or rather forgetting, was to show her my profile tattoo I have of her, but her sec guard Jeremy saw it and took a picture of it to show her when she was back for her next show...bless him. On this night I was also able to meet Aldo Giampaolo (Celine`s manager), Scott Price (musical director), Barnev Valsaint (backup singer), Elise Duguay (backup singer) and Celine`s friend and performer of "50 Voices" Veronique DiCaire....thank you all so much for taking the time to get a picture with you all. 

While in Las Vegas you not only go to one show, but at least 2, and so did we. Saturday I met up with my fan friend "daughter" Leah. I had an extra ticket for this show, so I wanted to give it away to another fan, and my choice fell on wonderful Leah <3 Leah had never been to see Celine in concert, so this was her very first time. I feel really blessed to have experienced to be there with Leah on her very first time to see Celine. The first Celine concert is always special and I could really tell Leah was excited. But it went all very well. We had a blast.....all mesmerized in Celine`s apperance and her voice. I`m so happy I was there with you Leah, hopefully we will be able to meet again one day in the future, together with our Bre. Also I was able to meet my wonderful friend Dervin whom I was albe to give a ticket for the show....what we don`t do for friends. It`s all about love and sharing the same passion. As I say....One World - One Passion - Celine Dion <3

The sad thing about these Celine experiences is that is all ends at one point and so did this Las Vegas experience. It was all a victory for me on the personal part. I MADE IT!!!! I overcame my fear on going to LV! I overcame my fear of anxiety! I got to make new and positive experinces in Las Vegas that overshadows my 2011 trip. As Celine said on her opening show.......


"Thank you all for your love. Tonight was not a new day, tonight was not really a new show. Tonight was a new beginning."


This is exactly how I feel right now....sitting in my livingroom back in Norway. This trip really was a new beginning for me. Thank you Celine for being my inspiration, I couldn`t have done this without you <3

Before going to Vegas, Celine's team asked for videos from fans around the world for a video montage for Céline's show. My friend Kjersti and I participated with my Celine mobile, and we made it through! A truly special feeling knowing that we're on the big screen every show night in Las Vegas. Thank you to Celine's team for giving us this opportunity. 


Céline.....thank you for being who you are. Thank you for showing your fans unconditional love. You have always been there for us through your voice and it's our time to be there for you. We will loe you ALWAYS ❤ 

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband Øyvind. I know it was as hard for you to let me go than it was for me to actually go. My anxiety has changed so many things in our lives, both positive and negative....but mostly positive. I say that things happen for a reason....that panic/anxiety attack happened for a reason....for me to change my life for the better, even though it has been a huge struggle along the way, but you have always been there for me. I love you big time my love. You are THE BEST <3


To all my wonderful Celine fan friends that took the time to meet me in LV, both old friends and new friends...Julia, Kevin, Tom, Leah, Leanne, Marc-Andre, Tam, Estevam, Helene, Elisa, Rhonda, Toni, Lisa, Dervin, Rebecca, Rachel, Emma, Maegen, Lindsey, Christina, Diana, Kay, Tracy, Alison, Austin, Gro, Kristine, Ann-Helen, Ramona, Christine, Sammy, Laura, Karin, Erno....I hope I didn`t forget any.....and last but not least.....Kjersti and Karin....thank you for putting up with me on this trip...I couldn`t have done it without you guys.

I love you all <3





WE MADE IT....... Celine`s official website.

Fans from around the world gathered in one amazing and emotional fan video to celebrate Rene, Celine`s husband. We mad it both to HELLO Canada and to THAT FEELING.

Celine fans are THE BEST!!!!!

Watch the beautiful video here:


Hello Canada article here:


To Ashley ROCK!!! All the hours you spent putting all of this together....I`m speechless. You need an AWARD!!!!


To all fans that the emotion in this POWER. You are all amazing.





Marked for life.....with Celine <3

Another AWESOME Céline experience in my life as a dedicated fan, and this time we speak DEDICATION. I stuck my nose forward in a text message to the National Norwegian radio station P4, when they interviewed an Elvis impersonator and big fan, telling them that I LOVE dedicated people/fans like him maybe because I am one myself but then of Céline Dion and attached a picture of my car.

The day after the text message a phone call appeared.....from radio P4!!!! They wanted to make an interview with me as the HUGE fan I am. So that's where it all started......and I ended up with a huge Céline portrait on my right leg, just above the signature tattoo I had done last summer.

Check out this link and watch a video that for sure give me chills.


My Céline-mobile "CellyD5"

Today I went ALL THE WAY and put on a customized decal on my car. Yes, I am a truly DEDICATED fan and PROUD of it......need to show right? 😉 Hope you like it. xxx Laila


Fans around the world unite in one video for Celine's birthday!!

It's on days like this it feels extraordinary to be a FAN. And every Céline fan KNOWS what day it is's CELINE's BIRTHDAY!!! HURRAYYYYY!!!!

Céline is ALWAYS there for us through the presence of her voice, music and wonderful lyrics, so when we get the chance to give something back we do it BIG TIME!!! So Céline.....of you ever read this.....THIS IS FOF YOU, with love from all your fans around the world ❤️❤️❤️

xxx from one of your fans

Radio 100% Céline Dion

Have you noticed it? The radio channel that playes Céline songs ONLY!!!!
Download the TUNEIN RADIO app to your phone (it's for free), and search for RADIO 100% CELINE DION.
They play all kinds of Celine songs, both French and English, ordinary song and all kind of mixes. They also play some interviews. GO GET WON't regret it!!! You can also download it to your laptop here:

a forever dedicated Céline fan,

Some wounds never heal.......

....but still we have to move on with our lives.
Today have been a day full of thoughts, since I've been off work because of a son being sick, and the thoughts have all been about my dad that passed 2,5 years ago. Then you may ask....what does this have to do with Celine? Well.....Celine has played a huge part in my life through her music, and she has in that way helped me to move on.

My parents split when I was 6, and I remember the day my father left as it was yesterday. I was very eager to go with him to see where he was going to live, but he wouldn't let me. He told me he would come back another day to pick me never happened. And this was when all the disappointments started. Yes, I did go visit my dad every second weekend, but it was not because he mom told him to, and I was the only one out of 3 sisters that did. My 3 sisters were an age that they could choose themselves, and they chose not to be with him those weekends. For the record, I'm the youngest one of 4 kids.

The stays at my dad was not at all joyous. Early I had the feeling that he didn't actually care about either me nor my sisters. He also had a new wife and I had a half sister that was only 8 months younger than me. Her mother and she often turned against me, maybe because I was his daughter and in that way not a part of them....I don't know. Being in that situation as a child was HARD. One day I told straight forward that I didn't want to stay with them for the rest of the weekend. My dad told...ok...go call your mom. The only problem was that my mom wasn't home, so what to do? I called a dear neighbor and asked if I could stay at their place, without telling my dad. I just told him it's can drive me home...and he did. He didn't even CHECK if my mom was home. He just let me off in the yard and drove away. I stayed at my neighbors place that night...thank God for loving neighbors.

My entire childhood have been centered around a lack of my biological dad. A dad that never cared, because he was just too self-centered. A dad with a completely lack of empathy. A dad that was mean, both psychologically and physically towards my mom and some of my siblings. Another thing is that I feel we were raised learning to hate our dad. Yes, he did stupid things, but still he was my dad.....a child will always love its parents no matter what. It's our flesh and blood, and I tried so hard so many times....but in the end I had to give up on trying and just face the fact that this is my life.
A kid shouldn't have to connect this kind of lyrics to a parent.....

It has for sure given me some rough times throughout the years, but it has also taught me a lesson. NEVER ignore the people that loves you!!!! It's all about giving and taking. Even though I think it's hard to get I do for sure give. I've given so much if myself all the time it lead to panic/anxiety attacks. I never saw myself.....I have always been there for, friends, my husband, my sons.....I did EVERYTHING.....but taking care of myself.

The panic/anxiety attack happened....sad but true...when I travelled all alone to Las Vegas to see Celine's show. Suddenly had had just myself to think of....I could spend the days in Vegas like I wanted to. I think it got a bit too it all turned out bad. But I got through took a long time and hard work, but I made it. I still have some off moments, but I can manage.

And Celine....her voice and lyrics has played a HUGE part in my life, she has made me cope with the most difficult times. So Celine....THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there for me when I needed it the most. If you only knew.


Radio interview.

Tonight I was interviewed on e-Riks on Radio Randsfjord about our Paris trip to see Céline in concert and about Celine in general. It is om Norwegian though so it's not easy for you English-speaking fans to understand, but still it is fun to share. Check the link below 😉


Get well soon Rene!

Last night the fans got the not so good news that Céline's husband Rene Angelil had to undergo surgery on December 23 rd, to remove a cancerous tumor, throat cancer. He is now home with his family in Las Vegas for recovery.
As a fan of Céline's it hurts to hear about this. My thoughts go tfirst of all to Rene himself, but also to Céline, their sons and to Rene's three adult kids.
I can't even imagine how this time has been for Céline. Seeing your loved one have to go through this is HARD.

Céline.....both I, and all your fans worldwide, want you to know that we're all with you in this difficult time. We're all thinking about you and praying for Rene and a speedy recovery. You are both such AMAZING human beings.

What I would really would want to do is send Céline and Rene a huge bouquet of flowers, but as an ordinary fan from Norway that is not easy, so it will have to remain a though.......but Celine.....please know that you are all in our thoughts ❤️


Meet & greet's

It's been a while since I blogged now, but here I am again.

Last summer I was lucky to meet Celine in Quebec City in Canada. This was a totally unplanned meeting as I was waiting for her at her hotel. A dream came true after over 25 years as a fan.....over 25 years of waiting. I was in the right place at the right time.....and that was it!
Getting a meet and greet is not easy. It takes a lot of work, planning, requests, e-mails and so on. You have to WORK for a meet & greet, or you have to be in the right place at the right time. Not every dedicated fan has the resources to make it to a m&g, as Celine most of the time is stationed in Las Vegas, which means an airfare to Vegas, hotel, show tickets you name it. And it means you have to try to get an organized m&g, you have to go through her management, and I can tell you...there are a LOT of fans in line wanting the same. Some fans make it, some are lucky to make it more than one time, and some fans don't make it at all. We can't always get what we want in life, and things doesn't come to have to act to make it happen.
Celine's management have their hands full organizing it all, working their butts off trying to please fans with their requests. But they can't please everyone.....sad but true. I have, some fan friends and even my sister and mother have, tried to get me a m&g with Celine, without result. I have even been in Vegas 3 times to see her show, but no m&g. I believe an organized m&g wasn't meant for me, but........I made it ON MY OWN! I travelled to Quebec, I saw her show "Une Seule Fois" (which was an AMAZING show), I showed up at her hotel...and there she dream came true.....I got her signature....I got a picture with her.....and I almost fainted lol........a dream I never thought would come true. But I have a motto I live with.....NEVER GIVE UP!!!
Things happen when you least expect it!!!! And then again....I got to see her outside her hotel in Paris last November. So it's not impossible. You just have to BELIEVE!!!!
So to all my fellow fans.....follow your things the right way.....and you will get there! What do you do to try to get to meet our idol Céline? xxx Laila

The journey continues.....and I`m off to Paris TODAY

I`m feeling kinda HIGH right now....haha.....who doesn`t when you get to see your idol LIVE once again.

In a few hours my husband and I fly to Paris on another Celine journey. A lot of my fan friends are there already, and Celine had concerts both monday and tuesday....and she was ON FIRE!!!! Several friends of mine also got to meet Celine outside her hotel, have a picture and her autograph :-)

We will stay at a hotel close to Champs-Elysees, and we will explore Paris big time. I can barely wait.

Celine has concerts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, & Wednesday and Thursday next week. We will be on tomorrow Friday`s concert, and I`m totally ready...with my Norwegian flag banner saying " ONE WORLD - ONE PASSION - CELINE DION". On Saturday we will attend a Celine After Party held by the fan group The Red Heads, this will for us be a once in a lifetime experience.....phuuuuu.

I hope I will be able to update here during my stay, if not I will for sure do it when I get back home.


My sweater is ready.........

And so is the with two Celine friends Gro and Lisbeth.




See ya!!!





Finally I got to frame my memories from meeting Celine in Quebec. This is for sure a wall that will inspire me to go on and reach for my goals, in years to come. Things are possible, you just have to LOVE, HOPE, BELIEVE and last but not least....DREAM

xxx Laila

Video footage of my meeting with Celine in Quebec.

Here it is.....on tape.......warms my heart to see it on tape  <3


I got interviewed by our local newspaper :-)

....and here is the translation to it:




Laila Steen Johnsen had her biggest dream come true this summer:  A meeting with Celine Dion.

NEDRE EIKER: - It feels absolutely wonderful! Now the hunt is over, says one of Céline Dion's biggest fans to

Laila Steen Johnsen got the best 40th birthday present she could ever recieve, from her family, this summer: A trip to Quebec, Canada with a concert coming with it. That it should end with a meeting now makes the life as Céline Dion fan finally complete.

- When I went to Quebec, I had a tiny hope of getting to meet her, she says.

Met Dion before her 5th concert

The fan from Mjøndalen have tried to meet the Canadian singer several times before. She has traveled to Las Vegas three times where she has seen the star in action four times.

Céline Dion has been successful both with French and English lyrics. In 1988 she won the international Eurovision Song Contest finals representing Switzerland. In the 90's her popularity grew internationally. Especially with the song "My heart will go on" that was the soundtrack to James Cameron`s movie "Titanic".

Steen Johnsen has been in contact with "Skavlan» (Norwegian talkshow) repeatedly with arguments on why they should invite Dion to the studio. Before a concert in 2007, Steen Johnsen made a necklace with the inscription C + R. C for Céline and René, who is Dion's husband, with last name Angelil.

Tattooed autograph on ankle

But a "personal" meeting, she managed to organize summer 2013. As the dedicated fan she is, she was also listened to the artist's sound check the night before the concert.

She had found out which hotel Céline Dion stayed in and ran into the lobby after soundcheck. There she met over 30 like-minded fans from around the world. After four hours of waiting, at half past four in the morning, the star came into the lobby.

- The guards were surrounding her all the time, so didn`t get much time. But I got the photo taken with her and her autograph, says the fan from Mjøndalen.

Last Saturday she tattooed the fresh signature on the ankle with the number 5 with it. The number five because it is Dion's lucky number and this was the fifth concert she had with Steen Johnsen in the audience

- There is a calmness to her. Yes, it was absolutely wonderful to meet her, says Steen Johnsen.



Here is the link to the article:



Just got in after mowing the lawn.....and mowing the lawn gives you time to think and reflect about things.

I want to tell you how GRATEFUL I am towards all of you that have found it joyful to follow my Celine/Quebec experience online. You have NO IDEA how much it means to me! All the positive heart-warming words you have given me after I had my dream come meet Celine. Being a huge fan hasn`t always been a joy as I often have been made fun every way.....made fun of me for being so dedicated to Celine and her music. Yes....I am truly dedicated, and when I do things I do it properly....ALL THE WAY. Why do things half way? This Quebec experience for sure made a turn..........

......when you go to the grocery store....and you meet friends that read online what you experienced in Quebec, that have seen the pictures I posted and are overjoyed for what I accomplished on my trip.....that is PRICELESS!!!!

Now I am really looking forward to my next Celine experience.......her concert in Paris in late November. I will get to meet a lot of facebook friends there as well.....meeting them are actually half the joy...if not more :-) all of you....from all of me.......



Love you ALL <3


One world - One passion - Celine Dion 






At the entrance of Celine`s house in Quebec <3


Celine's signature - my new tattoo :-)

I told myself long ago...the day I get to meet Celine and have her signature it will be my new tattoo.....and here it is. I decided to add the #5 to it as it is Celine's lucky number, and after the Québec trip also this was my 5th concert with Celine and believe it or not...when my husband and I checked in at the hotel in Québec we got room #55...a sign? The tattoo is all fresh...will take a few weeks to heal properly and for the redish to dissapear, so I will post a new picture later ;-) xxx Laila

My dream came true!!!!

I met Celine!!!!!! It happened at night July 27th at 3am.

After listening to Celine`s soundcheck on Friday night, my husband and I was outside the arena on Les Paines listening to Celine`s soundcheck. When she was done, we went back to our hotel to get some proper sleep before a long day and Celine`s concert on Saturday. But when we passed Celine`s hotel on our way back I told my husband..."why not stop by to see what happens there". When we arrived there were several other fans there too, including fan friends of mine, and other fans arrived while we were there. So....we stayed hoping for Celine to arrive soon. First Celine`s mother arrived, with one of Celine`s brothers and one of her sisters. Then after a while Rene arrived......and I got to shake his hand saying "Hello". He was so nice, telling us that Celine would be there in at least 45 minutes. We waited and waited hoping for Celine to arrive, but it took time......we got all pretty exhausted and not to speak tired....but we were perservant...and finally it payed off.

She arrived at about 3 am.....taking her times for her fans as always. I was the first one she came up too when she got in to the lobby. I had her sign the photograph I brought of her and I got to give her the bracelet I had bought for her....Norwegian designed from NoraNorway....her security guard Nick took it for her. Then it was over for me...I thought. But then I was like......OMG.....I didn`t manage to get a picture of I followed her and the crowd further in to the lobby.....and I made it over to her again....asking for a picture...and she was like...."Ok...but quick" as she wanted to go up to her hotel room.

I got a great shot of her and me.....a memory for life <3

I had never any expectations on getting to meet her before going to Quebec, but I still hoped for it to happen. I guess I`m a bit superstitious as this would be my 5th live performance with Celine....and after we checked in on our hotel and got room muber 55....I just knew something would happen....and it did. As of now #5 is my lucky number too :-)`

Here is a video of the happening:  I`m the one in the white t-shirt...getting a picture with her at 0:59 :-)




Good things happened in Quebec :-)

I have ALWAYS said.....good things happen to those who wait....just be PATIENT. And last night I got to meet Celine.....finally....after YEARS of waiting. We were at her hotel waiting....and after being there for 4 all paid off. Celine arrived...just the way I wanted to meet her.....all casual....being herself. She signed my picture.....she was so nice. The she continued though the lobby.....and I further back I again managed to get up to her to have a picture taken. Phuuuuuu.....I was all tears after it all....and not in bed til 4am lol There was a video recorded of it all. A fem hours before Celine arrived, we also saw Maman Dion Arvid, and just after her René arrived....and I got to say hi to him to, and shake his hand :-) Overall......A WONDERFUL DAY FOR #cellyd5 <3 Tonight......the concert at Les Plaines.....UNE SEULE FOIS <3

At the entrance to Celine's house in Québec :-)

Praying.....or rather...begging ;-)

Save the last dance for me ;-)

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