My dream came true!!!!

I met Celine!!!!!! It happened at night July 27th at 3am.

After listening to Celine`s soundcheck on Friday night, my husband and I was outside the arena on Les Paines listening to Celine`s soundcheck. When she was done, we went back to our hotel to get some proper sleep before a long day and Celine`s concert on Saturday. But when we passed Celine`s hotel on our way back I told my husband..."why not stop by to see what happens there". When we arrived there were several other fans there too, including fan friends of mine, and other fans arrived while we were there. So....we stayed hoping for Celine to arrive soon. First Celine`s mother arrived, with one of Celine`s brothers and one of her sisters. Then after a while Rene arrived......and I got to shake his hand saying "Hello". He was so nice, telling us that Celine would be there in at least 45 minutes. We waited and waited hoping for Celine to arrive, but it took time......wegot all pretty exhausted and not to speak tired....but we were perservant...and finally it payed off.

She arrived at about 3 am.....taking her times for her fans as always. I was the first one she came up too when she got in to the lobby. I had her sign the photograph I brought of her and I got to give her the bracelet I had bought for her....Norwegian designed from NoraNorway....her security guard Nick took it for her. Then it was over for me...I thought. But then I was like......OMG.....I didn`t manage to get a picture of I followed her and the crowd further in to the lobby.....and I made it over to her again....asking for a picture...and she was like...."Ok...but quick" as she wanted to go up to her hotel room.

I got a great shot of her and me.....a memory for life <3

I had never any expectations on getting to meet her before going to Quebec, but I still hopedfor it to happen. I guess I`m a bit superstitious as this would be my 5th live performance with Celine....and after we checked in on our hotel and got room muber 55....I just knew something would happen....and it did. As of now #5 is my lucky number too :-)`

Here is a video of the happening: I`m the one in the white t-shirt...gettinga picture with her at 0:59 :-)



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