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Laila Steen Johnsen had her biggest dream come true this summer: A meeting with Celine Dion.

NEDRE EIKER: - It feels absolutely wonderful! Now the hunt is over, says one of Cline Dion's biggest fans to dt.no.

Laila Steen Johnsen got the best 40th birthday present she could ever recieve, from her family, this summer: A trip to Quebec, Canada with a concert coming with it. That it should end with a meeting now makes the life as Cline Dion fan finally complete.

- When I went to Quebec, I had a tiny hope of getting to meet her, she says.

Met Dion before her 5th concert

The fan from Mjndalen have tried to meet the Canadian singer several times before. She has traveled to Las Vegas three times where she has seen the star in action four times.

Cline Dion has been successful both with French and English lyrics. In 1988 she won the international Eurovision Song Contest finals representing Switzerland. In the 90's her popularity grew internationally. Especially with the song "My heart will go on" that was the soundtrack to James Cameron`s movie "Titanic".

Steen Johnsen has been in contact with "Skavlan (Norwegian talkshow) repeatedly with arguments on why they should invite Dion to the studio. Before a concert in 2007, Steen Johnsen made a necklace with the inscription C + R. C for Cline and Ren, who is Dion's husband, with last name Angelil.

Tattooed autograph on ankle

But a "personal" meeting, she managed to organize summer 2013. As the dedicated fan she is, she was also listened to the artist's sound check the night before the concert.

She had found out which hotel Cline Dion stayed in and ran into the lobby after soundcheck. There she met over 30 like-minded fans from around the world. After four hours of waiting, at half past four in the morning, the star came into the lobby.

- The guards were surrounding her all the time, so didn`t get much time. But I got the photo taken with her and her autograph, says the fan from Mjndalen.

Last Saturday she tattooed the fresh signature on the ankle with the number 5 with it. The number five because it is Dion's lucky number and this was the fifth concert she had with Steen Johnsen in the audience

- There is a calmness to her. Yes, it was absolutely wonderful to meet her, says Steen Johnsen.

Here is the link to the article: http://dt.no/kultur/her-ender-lailas-celine-dion-jakt-1.8008805

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