The journey continues.....and I`m off to Paris TODAY

I`m feeling kinda HIGH right now....haha.....who doesn`t when you get to see your idol LIVE once again.

In a few hours my husband and I fly to Paris on another Celine journey. A lot of my fan friends are there already, and Celine had concerts both monday and tuesday....and she was ON FIRE!!!! Several friends of mine also got to meet Celine outside her hotel, have a picture and her autograph :-)

We will stay at a hotel close to Champs-Elysees, and we will explore Paris big time. I can barely wait.

Celine has concerts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, & Wednesday and Thursday next week. We will be on tomorrow Friday`s concert, and I`m totally ready...with my Norwegian flag banner saying " ONE WORLD - ONE PASSION - CELINE DION". On Saturday we will attend a Celine After Party held by the fan group The Red Heads, this will for us be a once in a lifetime experience.....phuuuuu.

I hope I will be able to update here during my stay, if not I will for sure do it when I get back home.

My sweater is ready.........

And so is the with two Celine friends Gro and Lisbeth.

See ya!!!



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