Get well soon Rene!

Last night the fans got the not so good news that Cline's husband Rene Angelil had to undergo surgery on December 23 rd, to remove a cancerous tumor, throat cancer. He is now home with his family in Las Vegas for recovery.
As a fan of Cline's it hurts to hear about this. My thoughts go tfirst of all to Rene himself, but also to Cline, their sons and to Rene's three adult kids.
I can't even imagine how this time has been for Cline. Seeing your loved one have to go through this is HARD.

Cline.....both I, and all your fans worldwide, want you to know that we're all with you in this difficult time. We're all thinking about you and praying for Rene and a speedy recovery. You are both such AMAZING human beings.

What I would really would want to do is send Cline and Rene a huge bouquet of flowers, but as an ordinary fan from Norway that is not easy, so it will have to remain a though.......but Celine.....please know that you are all in our thoughts ❤️


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