Fans around the world unite in one video for Celine's birthday!!

It's on days like this it feels extraordinary to be a FAN. And every Cline fan KNOWS what day it is's CELINE's BIRTHDAY!!! HURRAYYYYY!!!!

Cline is ALWAYS there for us through the presence of her voice, music and wonderful lyrics, so when we get the chance to give something back we do it BIG TIME!!! So Cline.....of you ever read this.....THIS IS FOF YOU, with love from all your fans around the world ❤️❤️❤️

xxx from one of your fans

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40, Nedre Eiker

Full time working mom from Norway, with 3 wonderful boys, married. A huge fan of Celine Dion, which will be the main topic in this blog...."My life as a Celine Dion fan".