Las Vegas 2015....emotional in every way possible.

It`s been 5 days since I came back from my long awaited Las Vegas trip to once again see Celine Dion in concert, her opening show after being on hiatus for 1 year.

This was a concert the fans have been waiting for, but still having patience for as we know Celine & Rene`s current situation.

For me this was a trip full of excitement in every way. Finally I was going to see my idol perform, an artist I have admired for over 25 years. She is my inspiration and as I say, my long distance mentor, a woman full of love for everyone around her including her fans worldwide.

As many of you may know, my last trip to Las Vegas in 2011 ended really bad. After boarding the plane in Las Vegas on my way life changed. I almost collapsed and was rushed in an ambulance to Spring Valley hospital. After lots of medical tests, without any answers to what happened, another seizure turned out to be a panic/anxiety very first no one understood one bit when it showed up from nowhere. I struggled for 1-2 years afterwards, but now I`m fine.....until this trip was getting close.

The flight from Oslo to New York went totally fine, but the flight from NY to Las Vegas was a flight from hell. Full of anxiety, a burning feeling in my chest.....I was barely able to relax. My first night and the following day was also really bad...full of anxiety and worries. At one time I was sitting on the Strip crying my heart out...trying to let it all sink in that I was finally back in Las Vegas. But it really helped being able to some emotions which made me feel a lot better. Life is really tough at times, but it often have to get worse before it gets better. From this on my Las Vegas experience was nothing but all positive.

Wednesday night was a huge relief as I got to meet the first of my Celine fan friends. Julia.....thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. You are nothing but sweet and meeting you again for the first time in 2 years really made my stay <3

The following days I met a lot of wonderful fan friends, some I met before, some I never met in person but have been friends with for years online. The feeling of meeting people who have the same passion is nothing but pure amusement. We had so much fun. There was so many friends I wanted to meet up with, but there was just not enough time....and that breaks my heart. Hopefully I will get the chance again one day in the future, cause I`m sure this was not my last Celine experience.

Thursday Aug 27th.....Celine`s opening night. Never before have experienced a premiere....and what a premiere it was!!! My seat was amazing...closest to the stage on the left side. Celine looked amazing, she sounded amazing.....her song choices was perfect and so personal. As she said in an interview....years ago she only sang the songs with no special meaning, but now they had a totally different meaning to her.....thinking of Rene`s situation. You could tell by the way she performed that is was truly a special moment, really personal to her. Celine is truly unique, both as a person and as a performer. No one expresses feelings the way she does when she goes straight to the bottom of your heart.

The same night I was lucky to meet Celine when she left the Colosseum, my friend Kjersti, her mom and I was the only ones waiting for her as he was about to leave. We all know Celine takes time for her fans, and this night was no exception. We got a picture with her, Kjersti got her signature (I have one already) and we got to tell her thank you for an amaxzing show, that we love her and tell her to say "hi" to Rene from her fans....and then she was off. It was truly a special moment.....for a fan every moment with Celine is special. One thing I regret for not doing, or rather forgetting, was to show her my profile tattoo I have of her, but her sec guard Jeremy saw it and took a picture of it to show her when she was back for her next show...bless him. On this night I was also able to meet Aldo Giampaolo (Celine`s manager), Scott Price (musical director), Barnev Valsaint (backup singer), Elise Duguay (backup singer) and Celine`s friend and performer of "50 Voices" Veronique DiCaire....thank you all so much for taking the time to get a picture with you all.

While in Las Vegas you not only go to one show, but at least 2, and so did we. Saturday I met up with my fan friend "daughter" Leah. I had an extra ticket for this show, so I wanted to give it away to another fan, and my choice fell on wonderful Leah <3 Leah had never been to see Celine in concert, so this was her very first time. I feel really blessed to have experienced to be there with Leah on her very first time to see Celine. The first Celine concert is always special and I could really tell Leah was excited. But it went all very well. We had a blast.....all mesmerized in Celine`s apperance and her voice. I`m so happy I was there with you Leah, hopefully we will be able to meet again one day in the future, together with our Bre. Also I was able to meet my wonderful friend Dervin whom I was albe to give a ticket for the show....what we don`t do for friends. It`s all about love and sharing the same passion. As I say....One World - One Passion - Celine Dion <3

The sad thing about these Celine experiences is that is all ends at one point and so did this Las Vegas experience. It was all a victory for me on the personal part. I MADE IT!!!! I overcame my fear on going to LV! I overcame my fear of anxiety! I got to make new and positive experinces in Las Vegas that overshadows my 2011 trip. As Celine said on her opening show.......

"Thank you all for your love. Tonight was not a new day, tonight was not really a new show. Tonight was a new beginning."

This is exactly how I feel right now....sitting in my livingroom back in Norway. This trip really was a new beginning for me. Thank you Celine for being my inspiration, I couldn`t have done this without you <3

Before going to Vegas, Celine's team asked for videos from fans around the world for a video montage for Cline's show. My friend Kjersti and I participated with my Celine mobile, and we made it through! A truly special feeling knowing that we're on the big screen every show night in Las Vegas. Thank you to Celine's team for giving us this opportunity.

Cline.....thank you for being who you are. Thank you for showing your fans unconditional love. You have always been there for us through your voice and it's our time to be there for you. We will loe you ALWAYS ❤

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband yvind. I know it was as hard for you to let me go than it was for me to actually go. My anxiety has changed so many things in our lives, both positive and negative....but mostly positive. I say that things happen for a reason....that panic/anxiety attack happened for a reason....for me to change my life for the better, even though it has been a huge struggle along the way, but you have always been there for me. I love you big time my love. You are THE BEST <3

To all my wonderful Celine fan friends that took the time to meet me in LV, both old friends and new friends...Julia, Kevin, Tom, Leah, Leanne, Marc-Andre, Tam, Estevam, Helene, Elisa, Rhonda, Toni, Lisa, Dervin, Rebecca, Rachel, Emma, Maegen, Lindsey, Christina, Diana, Kay, Tracy, Alison, Austin, Gro, Kristine, Ann-Helen, Ramona, Christine, Sammy, Laura, Karin, Erno....I hope I didn`t forget any.....and last but not least.....Kjersti and Karin....thank you for putting up with me on this trip...I couldn`t have done it without you guys.

I love you all <3



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