Trois heures vingt....................

I`m sorry, but I`m still an emotional wreck after sitting stand-by my laptop for 4 hours last night to take part in Cline saying the final goodbye to the love of her life, to the man that introduced la voix du bon dieu to the fans worldwide. The last goodbye was all so sad but still so beautiful. From the door opened when Cline and her family entered followed by one of her early songs "Trois heures vingt"......"You want to take me far from here, everything is planned you set everything. Don`t worry I will come, since always, where you go I go. I will come, twenty past three <3

You just feel so helpless being so far away when all you want to do is reach out to her and give her a comforing hug. Being a fan means standing by your idol for better and for worse and Jan 22nd 2016 was, by far, the worst moment EVER. When your idol/rolemodel grieve, you grieve with her, and that`s what the fans have done this past week. We`ve been supporting Cline in our hearts and minds these days as we all have been psycologically present in montreal, Quebec. We`ve also been there for each other as fans, as some take this harder than others. This is what we do in times like this, we are there FOR each other, we do it in UNISON. Times like this is all about love, caring, supporting and last but not least....unselfishness. You get kind of lost for words in times like this.

I just want to thank Cline, and of course Ren himself for letting the fans take part of this sad but beautiful ending of an amazing era. As always they are being nothing other than unselfish. If only every human being on this earth could have hearts like theirs....then the world would be like paradise.

I thought my admiration for Cline was huge, but after seeing her strength as she is dealing with the grief of her beloved husband, and the unselfishness she has during this terrible time, I admire her even more. There is just no word big enough to describe her, you got got to FEEL it <3

Now it`s time to hold on to the good memories, to bring Ren with us in our thoughts, through Cline and her songs. Today is A New Day <3

Cline.....please take good care of yourself now as you need the rest. We all can assure you that the fans will let you take as much time as you need to heal, but still.....we will be the first ones to greet you welcome whenever you are ready <3

I want to say a huge thank you to all the fans that were present at the wake on Thursday. For being there to tell Cline how much you care for her and also for speaking on behalf of all the fans worldwide that would have loved to be there, but for obvious reasons were not able to.

Rest in peace dear Ren Angelil. You will forever stay in our hearts, we love you, goodbye <3

We love you Cline, always <3



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