mai 2013

Got myself a new sticker for my car :-)

A BIG THANK YOU to for making customized stickers :-) The text is an extract of Celine's song "Le Miracle"....."le miracle est partout mon amour" means the miracle is everywhere...

A big THANK YOU to everyone....I do feel FABULOUS :-)

I guess it wasn`t that bad at all.....turning 40 years old ;-) Till now I`ve had a wonderful, and pretty silent, day. I`ve been going through like over a 100 of birthday greetings on Facebook alre...


40, Nedre Eiker

Full time working mom from Norway, with 3 wonderful boys, married. A huge fan of Celine Dion, which will be the main topic in this blog...."My life as a Celine Dion fan".