august 2013


Finally I got to frame my memories from meeting Celine in Quebec. This is for sure a wall that will inspire me to go on and reach for my goals, in years to come. Things are possible, you just have ...

Video footage of my meeting with Celine in Quebec.

Here it is.....on tape.......warms my heart to see it on tape <3

I got interviewed by our local newspaper :-)

....and here is the translation to it: HERE ENDS LAILA`S CELINE DION-HUNT.Laila Steen Johnsen had her biggest dream come true this summer: A meeting with Celine Dion. NEDRE EIKER: - It feels a...


Just got in after mowing the lawn.....and mowing the lawn gives you time to think and reflect about things. I want to tell you how GRATEFUL I am towards all of you that have found it joyful to fol...

Celine's signature - my new tattoo :-)

I told myself long ago...the day I get to meet Celine and have her signature it will be my new tattoo.....and here it is. I decided to add the #5 to it as it is Celine's lucky number, and after the...

My dream came true!!!!

I met Celine!!!!!! It happened at night July 27th at 3am. After listening to Celine`s soundcheck on Friday night, my husband and I was outside the arena on Les Paines listening to Celine`s soundch...


40, Nedre Eiker

Full time working mom from Norway, with 3 wonderful boys, married. A huge fan of Celine Dion, which will be the main topic in this blog...."My life as a Celine Dion fan".