september 2015

Make it your OWN - my Cline-mobile.

I do feel I have to say something about my car, a car that I am very very proud of, that I drive with pride every single day..... my Cline-mobile/CellyD5. This weekend I took it a little bit furt...

Las Vegas 2015....emotional in every way possible.

It`s been 5 days since I came back from my long awaited Las Vegas trip to once again see Celine Dion in concert, her opening show after being on hiatus for 1 year. This was a concert the fans have...


42, Nedre Eiker

Full time working mom from Norway, with 3 wonderful boys, married. A huge fan of Celine Dion, which will be the main topic in this blog...."My life as a Celine Dion fan".